Strategies for
disrupting and
improving how
you are purchasing
your health care

Transforming the way we approach health benefits

Worst Case Scenario

With a traditional fully-insured group insurance plan employers are experiencing an average of at least 10% increases year over year, and those costs are rising quickly!

There’s a better way…

Better Case Scenario

GPS Benefits uncovers a “non-disruptive” alternative that doesn’t actually cap your total spend each year, but instead allows you the real possibility of RETAINING (or getting refunded) part of your total spend at the end of each year.

Typically, over a five year period, an organization will experience one or two “bad” claim years. For the other three or four “good” claim years, the business will RETAIN (or be refunded) their unused dollars which adds up quickly over time!


Best Case Scenario

Reduce your total spend by 20% and save $200,000 in the first year and every year thereafter. Adopt the strategy of capping your annual costs at $800,000 each year for the next five years. This direct approach allows your company to set an annual budget for your healthcare spend rather than having some insurance company “dictate to you” what your budget is going to be.

How our process works…

We help you unlock the missing pieces.

We begin by collecting some basic information to understand your unique needs:

  • We establish the priorities that will guide our decision-making and choices.

  • Next, we guide you in choosing which health care format is the best fit for your company.

  • Finally, we connect you with fully-vetted top performers (people, products, and services) in the industry that match your specific design and needs.

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Our Self-Insured Partnerships

Each Solution Partner is Designed to Produce Results

Our Motto:
“You are either Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem”
-Eldridge Clever


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