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Every Day, Owners Just Like You, Struggle to
Navigate their Company’s Employee Benefits.

Costs keep rising, the rules keep changing, and the options keep shifting. As an owner,
you know the intricacies of what you do and how you do it, but how can you be an expert in the
benefits arena as well? Whether you have an existing benefits plan in place, or you’re exploring
what benefits options are available to you for the first time, we can help.


Craft a long-term benefits strategy and roadmap, looking forward five or even ten years, and set goal-oriented expectations.


Take control of your hard and soft dollar costs, creating a plan to manage spending, and maximize your investment.


Navigate ever-changing benefits requirements and moving targets with experts who stay informed of the rules.


Improve employee attraction and retention by better communicating the real value and depth of your benefits plan.

An Outside Perspective
with Your Best Interest in Mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an outside perspective – a big picture assessment of your current
benefits plan? We are here to guide you through the benefits process with your best interest in
mind. By looking at your current plan with fresh eyes, from a thousand-foot view, we can help
you pinpoint those areas where you can improve your strategy. We’ll help make your employee
benefits work harder for you, and for your employees.

Are You Going In
The Right Direction?

Have you properly evaluated whether you should be Fully Insured or Self-Insured? If you are Self-Insured are you effectively helping your employees manage their claims? Are you partnering with the “Best in Class” TPA’s, HSA providers, Technology systems? JB Benefit’s BEACON PROGRAM provides sound navigation direction for smooth sailing ahead.

Your Employees

They’re like family – you want to show how much you appreciate them and their
hard work. Start by putting together a great benefits package that addresses their concerns around
high deductibles, high out-of-pocket expenses, deteriorating benefits, and rising costs. Take
control and create an environment that attracts great new talent, and retains the experienced team you
already have working for you. Our goal is to develop a strategy that produces a magnetic
environment for your staff.

Ensure Total Compliance, Protect Your Business and Your Employee Benefits Investment.

We’ll help remove the confusion from employee benefits planning and replace it with confidence,
developing a strategy that prepares you and your business for the future.

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