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Employee Healthcare Resolved and Solved

We set sail on a swift course towards saving companies 15%-30% on healthcare costs in 90 days.

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We Will Work With Your Current Brokerage Firm and Advisors!

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We are NOT a brokerage firm.

We are a True Consulting Firm contracted with Best-in-Class Solutions around the nation
Bringing Large Company Health Plan Solutions to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.


Healthcare is likely either the #1 or #2 expense for your firm.

Isn’t it time you managed this part of your company’s budget efficiently and effectively?!
Believe it or not there are brokerage firms delivering refunds to their employers on their annual healthcare spend while delivering better benefits to the employees.

Aligning Your Incentives Properly.

There are brokerage firms out there today that are dramatically reducing healthcare costs while delivering superior benefits to their company’s employees. These firms have such high confidence in their abilities that many times they are willing to reduce their fees by up to one-third, choosing instead to get paid by drafting a Performance Contract. These Performance Contracts pay the broker a small percentage of the money you save on your annual healthcare spend – you pay them based on the quality of the results they provide.


Stay on track with the latest compliance and reporting requirements, COBRA and ACA regulations, and more.


Craft a long-term benefits strategy and roadmap, looking forward five or even ten years, and set goal-oriented expectations.


Technology for ongoing reporting, coordinating your benefits with payroll services, paperless solutions, and more.


From yearly plan reviews and consultation to working directly with your employees and simplifying their renewal process.

A Guide You Can Be Confident In.

Our experience in the employee benefits space is deep. For twenty years, we have been helping
clients navigate the waters and make well-informed strategic decisions. Small
businesses and larger organizations have all experienced great results with our help.

What is Not having the Right Solutions in Place Costing You?

We’ll help remove the confusion from employee benefits planning and replace it with confidence,
 developing a strategy that streamlines your processes and employee benefits responsibilities.

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