Who is making sense of
your business healthcare renewal?

We help businesses remove the complexity from this process.

We Fast-Track you to the best healthcare solutions
in the country, and run an RFP for you.

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Our Specialty is Converting your 2nd or 3rd Largest Operating Expense into Earnings.

With over 30 years of experience working within the industry, we know how the system works inside and out.

Nothing should stand in the way of companies accessing the best solutions offered around the country. Our Fast-Track RFP process puts solutions first, regardless of your current broker partnerships.

Once we get you pointed in the right direction, we deliver an end-user experience that aligns to your corporate culture, with an overall emphasis on cooperation and collaboration.

The Problem

We get it. The RFP process can feel overwhelming.

  • Healthcare costs have risen 50+% over the last 7 years with no end in sight.
  • There is no 5-star rating system to find the best business healthcare solutions in the marketplace today.
  • It takes a lot of time and energy to put an RFP together. At the end of the day, companies still face rising healthcare costs with deteriorating benefits for their employees.

These Questions Still Remain:

  • How can we find the right solution partners to include on our RFP?
  • What due diligence questions should we be asking within our Healthcare RFP?
  • How long does this process take, and how will it negatively impact my HR and Finance teams?
  • Which healthcare philosophy fits best with our company profile?
  • How can we know which brokerage firm/consulting firm has proven track-records of success specifically in the area of business healthcare?
  • How can today’s technology tools help us simplify our RFP process?

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The Solution

JB Benefits Fast-Track RFP

We’ve Formed the Systems – You Reap the Benefits

Solid Relationships with Major Firms

We have taken the last 8 years to develop solid relationships with digital healthcare firms around the nation. These firms use the latest SaaS applications and AI technologies to dramatically improve all aspects of healthcare.

Templates and Questionnaires

We have developed templates of due diligence questionnaires that are targeted specifically toward healthcare savings, as well as toward increased benefits to employees.

Fast Track RFP Process

The normal RFP process can take as long as 4-6 months. We can deliver our Fast Track RFP process from beginning to end in as little as 60 days, saving you both time and money.

Matching Your Profile With The Right Solution

The first step in the Fast Track RFP process begins by meeting with all of your decision-makers to present all of the innovative approaches within the marketplace. Matching your corporate culture with the proper solution partner is vital for long-term success.

Proof of Work & Innovative Excellence

Each solution partner needs to include solid references from previous clients. These should also include previous successes for companies within your size and industry whenever possible.

Fast Track RFP Technology

We provide each new client with our pre-formed Fast Track RFP Technology System. This ensures security and privacy is maintained throughout the process. Each bid is sealed and protected and also provides metrics to measure performance in multiple benefit categories.

We always welcome your current broker/brokerage firm to be included on your Fast Track RFP. But if you prefer to keep your Brokerage firm in place, you can still adopt our
Fast-Track RFP to have us work with your existing team.

Our Consistent Purpose:
Significantly improve your healthcare plan
Reduce your overall spend while implementing proven cost-containment strategies

21st Century Custom Health Plan Management

Watch this 2-minute video, and then ask yourself… Who’s really monitoring your business healthcare program each and every month?

We’re 100% focused on bringing your employees
the highest quality healthcare available
while saving you money.

Our Core Values

Alignment – Cooperation – Collaboration

  • Alignment with your Corporate Culture
  • Cooperation with your chosen partners and vendors
  • Collaboration with all members of your Leadership Team

JB Benefits Consulting is different from any type of company you have ever worked with before.
We are not a company to be included in an RFP.

We literally run the RFP for your firm, saving you both time and money.

We are a Pure Consulting Firm. We are agnostic as to brokerage firms or brokers. Our focus is to fit you with the best healthcare solution first.
Then, should you need alternatives for your brokerage firm choices, we are happy to make professional and formal introductions.

Most companies are still relying on traditional healthcare offerings for their employees.
The benefits have gone down, and the healthcare costs have increased.

We believe this should not only stop, but we think the trends should be reversed.

Since health insurance premiums are tied directly to your employee’s wages, this has prevented most employers from
giving their employees the valuable raises they so richly deserve.

We’re not only fiercely fighting for you the employer,
but we are also fighting for the true underdogs in the business healthcare world, your employees.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to transform business healthcare by allowing free-market solutions to flourish across America. We work with the biggest and best brokerage firms in the country to bring you the most innovative solutions possible.

No one wins alone.
If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work, our Fast Track RFP may be just what you’ve been looking for!